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Ben Fulner – Following our difficult rescue of Sir Lutsfer Fallan, we have returned to Barronsfer and I have been offered a knighthood. Many good people were lost in the effort, and my faithful companion Uthal as well. I secured my release from Orelion’s service with the promise that we will continue our company under somewhat more equal terms. I am still troubled by the appearance of Blood Rider markings on one of the orcs slain in our rescue effort. Also, I fear the identity of the wizard who attacked us from the tower. These questions will be dealt with later. It is my hope that Ariadne will join Orelion and I as free roaming agents for Romara, as I feel our skill sets compliment each other. In the meantime, I ride to the eastern plains to summon another animal ally and then will make for the south to help Lutsfer secure his keep and to increase the reputation of my new title.


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