Freja Stormweir



Race: Snow Elf
Class: Witch



  • To bring Magic back to prominence in the courts of Vaniya
  • To keep the practice and refining of Magic alive in the kingdoms
  • To find at least one other surviving member of her clan, the Keepers of Gûl


Freja Stormweir was one of four children. She and her three brothers were raised in a small, secluded clan in the foothill forests in the south of Rydony.

This clan of some four score elves was dedicated to the proliferation of Magical knowledge and practice in Vaniya. They called themselves the Keepers of Gûl. All members of the clan held a firm belief that the Magic of this world is only sleeping, not dead. These elves saw themselves as the caretaker of a sleeping giant, sole priests and priestesses of a powerful force that would one day reawake. To this end, all children of the clan were educated in Magical theory and execution. As they grew older, a few would seek out their fortunes in the world, looking for the next great King, who would reestablish Magic as the true force in the realm. But their search is always in vain.

Shortly after Freja’s hundredth name day, the Keepers of Gûl became the unfortunate casualties of an Ogre Lord Conquest. Not only did they burn to the ground the entire forest she had called home, but they slaughtered the majority of Keepers, children and aged alike. Freja managed to flee, thanks to her powerful ability to disguise herself. But she left scarred by the murder of her parents, brothers, and young lover. More importantly, she was bitterly disappointed that the Magic the Keepers so desperately studied and preserved failed to protect them from the Ogre hordes. In her grief, she determined that the Keepers of Gûl did not hold a strong enough belief in Magic. From that day forward, she dedicated her time to practicing the pure, arcane form of Magic taught to her by the clan in hopes that she could finally perfect it beyond the talents of her family and fellow Keepers.

For the past twenty years, she has wondered the land, one of the Forlorn. While desperately seeking the remnants of the Keepers of Gûl, she grows more and more mired in a melancholic worldview. Still, she holds to the goals instilled in her as a child by the Keepers: To preserve magic in Vaniya, and to find the next true King to reestablish Magic in the realms.

Freja Stormweir

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