Tiefling Sorcerer


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Vordrinus’ true mother was a queen of the royal family of the Kingdom of Idrez. The King, seeking power, consorted with a devil for this power in exchange for his wife, the queen. The devil, as devils are, drove a shrewd and twisted bargain. Instead of taking her soul to hell or killing her, it laid with her in the guise of the king, causing what would normally be a happy occasion of the birth of an heir 9 months later, to be a disaster of twin devil-touched offspring.

According to rumor, the queen died during childbirth and so too did the child. In fact, the queen survived, and was sequestered with the twins to a remote location by the king and his personal bodyguard. Soon after, the king’s most loyal bodyguard and partner in diabolical schemes, killed the queen and other bodyguards under the king’s orders. Before the bodyguard was able to kill the twins, the devil once again appeared and made a bargain with the bodyguard to usurp the king and take his power and position. All the bodyguard had to do was to let the children live and deceive the king, telling him they were dead. The twins were later separated and Vordrinus has never known his sister or her known of him.

Vordrinus was raised to adulthood by a TO BE CONTINUED

On his 20th birthday, Vordrinus discovered that the infernal blood running through his veins granted him access to arcane power and later started having dreams where a mysterious dark figure guided him in these arts and taught him in a recurring cave in a swamp. It was a year later when traveling through a swamp that the place became familiar to him and he found the cave. There, he discovered the discarded remains of his mother, with royal signet ring and tattered royal clothing remains. The devil appeared to him at this point and told Vordrinus that his father had killed his mother and left her here after giving birth to him because of his infernal tainted blood. That the reason he was like this was that TO BE CONTINUED


Hayworth Vordrinus