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Home and Hearth

Kingdoms and Lands of Vaniya

Kingdom of Romara
Kingdom of Mirkesh
Kingdom of Doras
Kingdom of Rydony
Kingdom of Aronbor
Lands of Northerond
Oligarchy of the Magi, Perdon
Dominion of Mordland
Oligarchy of Ambvrria
Realm of Iosia
Theocracy of Idrez

Religion and History

Basic Histories and Legends
The God of Humans and Halflings
The Gods of the Fey and Energies of the Natural World
Cults of the Old and New World

Magic, Arcane Schools, and Elemental Mysteries

The Old Ways
Mirkesh Clan Magic, refined form of Ogre Magic
Stargazers and the cosmology of the constellations
Mordish Sorcery
Ogre Magic, or Blood Magic and the creatures it has spawned

Guilds, FreeSwords (mercenary bands), and other Organisations

Order of the Griffon
Brotherhood of Mithras
Order of the Fading Mist
Daughters of Iomedae


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