“Strange sightings in the woods huh? Tell you about magic creatures that dance and sing and work spells on the people of the world? Then listen up, because things need to be getting done and they don’t get done by me telling stories to you.”
“The world is old. Magic still swells within the earth for those strong enough to grasp for it, but it’s power is diminished, unlike in ages past. Like an old beast who’s heart is just strong enough to keep itself alive. Beasts of wonder still walk the earth but they are also dissapearing. Some sages say that the earth will die when magic does. Some say life will continue but will be as if all color has left ones sight, turning the world bleak and wan.”
“Yet there are a few who believe that magic is but resting, that it will soon surge as it did in ages past. Then will come an age of heros and destiny, an age that will bring wonder back into the world.”
“Those are but dreamers, not common folk like you and I.”
“Come, the fire needs building for the stew and there is wood to be chopped. Tonight is another night and dawn comes early this time of year. There is much work to be done…”


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